Excellence Breeds Excellence

You've no doubt heard the expression, "Practice makes perfect." But that's not necessarily true! What you should be honed into is the notion that, "Practice makes perfect when you're practicing perfectly!"

Here at The Club at Porto Cima, we give golfers of every skill level the opportunity to perfect their game through the proper amalgam of science, technology and teaching — at one of the nation's top private courses.

We feature expert, PGA professional instruction, combined with high-tech analysis of your game using the Vector Launch Monitor and the V1 Pro Digital Coaching System. First-timers to seasoned professionals can always learn something new to hone their game. We cover:

  • Golf Physical Fitness
  • Swing Analysis
  • Putting Analysis
  • Short Game Analysis
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Custom Club Fitting

Teaching Philosophy

Our goal at The Swing Institute is to provide you with specialized training designed to meet your needs and to provide you the opportunity to meet your goals as a golfer using the latest in teaching technology, under the guidance of our PGA-certified staff.

A sound philosophy, that has tuned up the game and/or turned around the game of many students, like:

V1 Digital Coaching System

V1 Golf allows us to view, analyze and diagnose faults with your swing simply and precisely. All the uncertainty is removed when you see your swing compared to a PGA professional.

V1 Golf gives you a clear understanding of your current golf swing and how to improve it – the key to lower scoring – and less frustration!

Vector Launch Monitor

Trusted and used daily by golf club and ball manufactures and research and development labs for years, AccuSport's Technology in the Vector Launch System measures the exact speed, backspin, sidespin, vertical angle and side angle of every shot. The Vector Launch System takes the guesswork out of club and ball fitting, and is the newest technology used in instruction.

The newest technology used in instruction, AccuSport's Vector Launch System takes the guesswork out of club and ball fitting. Through the Vector Launch Monitor, your Swing Institute instructor will select the right equipment for you so you can hit the ball better.

We then use the increased, accurate knowledge of equipment and swing to help you improve your game, storing your information for review and comparison.

Indoors or out, this convenient, easy-to-use system translates into increased, accurate knowledge of equipment and swing. Information is sorted for review and comparison.

Meet the teaching staff

Jon Crane

After graduating from the Professional Golf Management program at Mississippi State University, Jon went on to work as an assistant professional and eventually Head Professional at Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point, Mississippi (host of the 1999 US Women's Open).

In April 2000, Jon joined The Club at Porto Cima as the Head Professional, and was responsible for overseeing the club's golf operation. In the winter of '05 - '06, Jon oversaw the opening of The Swing Institute at The Club at Porto Cima where he serves as the Director of Instruction.

Throughout his career, Jon has worked with and alongside many of the great teachers of the game. His students have included NCAA All-Americans, State Amateur and Senior Amateur Champions and nationally recognized Juniors. Jon prides himself on working with students of all levels of experience and custom fitting their learning experience to meet established goals.


If you're not a member and would like information on how you may be able to receive a complimentary session at the Swing Institute, please call (800) 207-8700. The Club at Porto Cima members may call (573) 964-3100 to reserve a class time.



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"I play several times a week and the competition between me and the guys in my group is pretty intense, so I definitely wanted to improve my game and Jon helped me do exactly that."

— Pete Spalitto, Four Seasons Experience, Fall/Winter Magazine


"It's the best lesson I've ever had."

— Steve Johnson, Kansas City Homes and Gardens Magazine


"The Swing Institute would be beneficial if you are just starting out or if you are an avid golfer."

— Dawn Johnson, Kansas City Homes and Gardens Magazine

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