Dream it. Want it. Have it.

This is that day that most girls dream about their entire youth and will remember for the rest of their lives and they feel that the Club at Porto Cima is the perfect canvas for their dream to really come to life.

Some venues might just look at it as another wedding but our work is just beginning when a bride chooses us. We strive to make sure that no matter the request we provide it or find someone who can. That is the meaning behind our slogan at the Club at Porto Cima.For your wedding - or really any event that has to be special - The Club at Porto Cima is the perfect backdrop. The 6000 square foot Yacht Club is located near the Clubhouse, continuing the Mediterranean feel of the club in its architectural design.

Your line is, "I do." Ours is, "We will!" We'll do anything and everything humanly possible to ensure that your special day comes off like a well-rehearsed Broadway production.

If you want it for your wedding, we'll either provide it or, working with a select short list of trusted local service providers, we will find it. Thatincludes assisting you with a local wedding cake baker, floral, and much more. We have held a wide variety of weddings that some clubs shy away from! Our Banquet/Wedding Coordinator has the experience and knowledge of the industry to make sure no detail is overlooked. Our Executive Chef has over 15 years of experience in the fine dining industry and is skilled in all types of cuisines. The rest of the hospitality team here is well-versed and enthusiastic to serve you and your guests!

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If you'd like to arrange an initial meeting, give us a call! We'd be delighted to give you a full tour of our facilities and discuss making your dream wedding day a reality! Just click here to Request Event Information!


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